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The Triple-M Register caters for MG Midgets, Magnettes and Magna (hence 'Triple-M') sportscars produced between 1929 and 1936, the Midgets powered by single overhead cam, four cylinder motors and the Magnettes and Magnas by six-cylinder overhead cam motors. These cars were produced at the Abingdon factory in small numbers. A production run of 2,000 was a 'mass' production run! These small sports cars enjoyed enormous success in competitions in Europe when they were new and also when exported to Commonwealth countries such as Australia.

The world-wide Triple-M Register was started by MGCC (UK) in the mid 1960s to track the ownership of these cars, document their history and assist owners maintain their cars. Triple-M cars are still used competitively in the UK these days, but many New Zealand owned cars are off the road.

The New Zealand Register for Triple-M cars was started because there was no current record of the Triple-M cars in NZ and, inevitably the UK records were not up to date. The New Zealand Triple-M Register has now captured most, if not all, the Triple-M cars in the country, some of the cars' history and previous owners. Enormous assistance in developing the NZ Triple-M Register has been given by Matthew Magilton, from the Pre War MG Register in Australia (who have a wonderful data base and web site), and the Triple M Register in UK. Many MMM cars exported new from UK were exported to Australia as rolling chassis, with the bodywork etc added locally. Some NZ cars, of course, have Australian origins so Matthew has been able to assist with much of the NZ research). Copies of the NZ Register are available to all Triple-M Owners in NZ.

Below is a very brief summary of the different Triple-M MG sports cars.


 Year Manufactured

Number Produced



C Type



4 cyl OHC

Primarily race cars, some sold in supercharged form.

D Type



4 cyl OHC

4-seater open tourer, some (37) later models produced as 4-seater closed cars.

F Type



6 cyl OHC

2 and 4 seaters, including some saloon versions. Produced in three models - F1, F2 and F3.

J Type


J1 - 379

J2 - 2061

J3 - 22

J4 - 9

Also 23 J-Type chassis sold

4 cyl OHC

4 cyl OHC

4 cyl OHC, s/c

4 cyl, s/c

262 open, 4 seater cars, 117 Salonette cars.

2 seater, open cars

As J2, but supercharged

Supercharged race cars

K Type


K1 - 171

K2 - 20

K3 - 33

KN - 201

6 cyl OHC

6 cyl OHC

6 cyl OHC, s/c

6 cyl OHC

97 LWB 4 seater Tourers plus 74 Saloons

Open 2 seater

SWB, 2 seater race car


L Type


L1 - 486

L2 - 90, plus 31 L2 chassis only

6 cyl OHC

6 cyl OHC

4 seater, Saloon and Coupe versions

2 seater

M Type


3235, including 21 Double Twelve race cars produced in 1930

4 cyl OHC

Boat-tailed, 2 seater car, early versions had fabric bodywork.

P Type


1396 - PA

498 - PA

28 - PA

499 - PB plus 27 converted from PA chassis.
Also, 57 chassis only sales

4 cyl OHC

4 cyl OHC

4 cyl OHC

4 cyl OHC

2 seater

4 seater

Airline Coupes

2 seater, 4 seater or Airline Coupes.

Q Type



4 cyl OHC, s/c

Race car

R Type



4 cyl OHC, s/c

Monoposte Race Car with independant suspension.

Please note that a separate Register is maintained for owners of S,V & W Type MGs. These cars are all saloon cars many of which were produced during the same period as the Triple-M cars, but because they are not powered by OHC (over head cam) motors they are not regarded as Triple-M cars.

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