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Car 1: 1998 MGF in dark metallic green. 72,500kms (genuine). YM7913. Two new front tyres. New AA battery. New rear ball joints. Suspension checked and levelled, wheel alignment done. New oil and filter. Heater hose replaced. Air conditioning system overhauled and serviced. New rear plastic screen.
Currently rego on hold but will be sold with 6 months rego and new WoF. Drives exceptionally well but the previous owner (lives 4 doors away) used it as her daily driver and suffered from several minor dings on each rear wing from inconsiderate parkers at Air NZ! Not a concours car by any stretch of the imagination, but if the other car sells, I’ll be more than happy to keep this one. Front boot interior has been cleaned up and the spare wheel repainted. Door speakers are not original. Only run on BP98 fuel.
$5,500 – with soft top only. Hard top not included.
Phone Ray: (09) 418 2937

Car 2: 2004 MG TF160 – in red, with red and black leather upholstery. 70,600kms. Will have new plates. Recently acquired for my wife, but she has decided she now prefers automatics so has purchased another car. We need the garage space. Like the above car, a previous lady owner managed her fair share of tiny scrapes including 2 scuffed wheels. Car is very tidy inside with red and black leather seats and the roll hoops. Goes very well, though we have hardly used it. Performance is much brisker than the earlier car (as it should be) and even on local roads, you can tell the suspension is different. Rear plastic window probably needs restoring. Tyres are good though the previous owner has probably got the front/rear wheels swapped. I haven’t had time to detail the car at all. As above, if the other sells and this doesn’t I will probably keep it.
Phone Ray: (09) 418 2937

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